Girls Christening Cake with sugar paste rabbit

How to Choose a Christening Cake Design

Christening Cakes

One great way to welcome your new baby into the world is a delicious Christening cake

Like traditional Wedding Cakes, A Christening Cake was usually a fruit cake base, topped with marzipan, white icing, trimmed with Pink or Blue, Then a Stork, a Baby or Icing Flowers as a topper.

However, the modern Christening Cake, calls for a contemporary twist on the traditional cake. The fruit cake base is now more likely to be a sponge, white is often replaced with colour(s) and cute cake topper.

Dumbo Christening Cake

To help you decide on the perfect Christening Cake design, we’ve come up with the following tips:

• What do you want your cake to look like?
Have a look at our Christening Cake pages. Also, Pinterest is a good place to look. Search Christening Cake boards.

Have a look through magazines, and websites. for any cake ideas or designs.

You could even match your cake design to your Christening Invitations to. Remember that you can be as unique as you like.

You could get a personalized cake topper, try eBay or Amazon.

Some customers have Hand Made sugar paste models of the child’s favourite toy, cartoon character, or TV character, as a topper.

Boys Toy Box Christening Cake

Disney figures, Club House, Princesses, etc.

You could also go with flowers & lace designs

• Taste
Fruit Cake isn’t so popular now, so why not try vanilla, chocolate, chocolate & orange, or lemon sponge? or any other flavour you fancy. If the cake is multi-tiered, you could even have them all!

• Size

How many guests are you catering for?

The size of the cake may affect the design you can have.

1 large cake or maybe a 2 or 3 tier cake.

We are often asked how many portions can be obtained from each cake. Obviously, it depends on the person wielding the knife, but we offer the following Portion and Cake Advice guidelines.

• Does your venue cut the cake?
Some new parents may choose to cut the cake together, or you may wish to leave this up to the venue staff. Remember to check with your venue to see if cake cutting & serving is inclusive in the package.

If you need help with your design ideas we are always happy to help.


Just contact us with any ideas or pictures you may have and we would be happy to give you a quote.


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