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How Long? A Fishy Story

How long did it take to make the cake? The question I get asked a lot is, The answer I normally give is, I can only give an approximate time. This is because I’m normally working on Three or Four cakes at a time.

So here is how my time was spent when I made this 3D Fish Shaped Cake.

The picture below is a sponge cake that has been cut to the shape of a fish. Then layered with Jam & Buttercream then covered in Buttercream (the Buttercream would be mixing while I’m cutting out the cake).

This stage takes between 1 – 2 hours depending on the shaping & size of the cake. 3D cars can take up to 3 hours including the time to make templates for cutting round.

It’s then left to firm up a little. I would cut & Buttercream another 2 or 3 cakes while this is firming up.

Making a 3D fish birthday cake - sweet fantasies


I then go back to the Fish Cake and cover it with Sugar Paste.

The sugar paste (SPD Sugar Paste) needs to be kneaded for 10 to 15 minutes.  This makes it soft, pliable & smooth before pinning it out & covering the cake with it.

The details are then added, mouth, eye socket, fins & marking the fish scales. On this cake that would take up to an hour.

This now needs to dry for about an hour. Then I start spraying & painting it with edible food colours. So it’s back to covering some of the other cakes.

Making a 3D fish birthday cake - sweet fantasies


Adding the Painted details

With this cake, I did some of the painting (food colouring) & airbrushing work before I covered the board. I covered the board with the marble effect sugar paste.

Painting & airbrushing will take about an hour because it as to be built up in layers. So it’s back to some of the other cakes in between building up the paint layers.

With a lot of cakes, I cover the boards the day before so the icing dries (makes them easier to work on).

Making a 3D fish birthday cake - sweet fantasies


The Finished Cake!

After the painting & airbrushing, the eye is added & then finally the lettering.

Making a 3D fish birthday cake - sweet fantasies

All the lettering for the week’s cakes is normally cut out at the beginning of the week.  So it as the time to dry out, this makes it easy to place on the cakes.

Cutting out Lettering for 15 to 20 cakes can take about 4 Hours.

So That’s How long It Takes To Make A Cake, Well Approximately !!

(and don’t forget about all the time spent cleaning between each stage of the process)

sweet fantasies Food Hygiene Rating 5*

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