castles and dragoons

Castles, Princesses and Dragons

Disney Princess castles and other castle themed cakes have always been popular. So I thought I would show you just a few of the different cakes we have made over the last 10 years.

We have made castle cakes for all occasions, Birthdays (from 1 to 30+), Christenings, Weddings and Corporate events.

Disney Princess Castles

We usually use the Disney Princesses set when decorating these. The Princesses in these sets do vary from time to time, depending on the new film releases.

The most popular as always been the assorted princess set, We can get these or you can provide them yourself.

Disney Castle Birthday Cake

Frozen Castles have been popular over the last couple of years.

Tinkerbell and her friends. The castle on this cake is a painted polystyrene cake topper.

Castles for the Boys

On this cake, we use the Mickey Mouse & Toy Story Figures.

Thes castle-themed cakes have hand made Sugar Paste Models.

3 Tier Shrek & Fiona, Girls Birthday Cake

Christening Cakes

2 Tier Square Frozen Castle, Boys Christening Cake

2 Tier Square White Castle with Pink trim Girls Christening Cake

For the Big Girls

Wedding Cakes with Castles

Both Wedding Cakes have hand made sugar paste castles as toppers. We are happy to look at any design ideas you may.

Corporate Cakes

A few years ago we made this Disney themed cake for Caudwell Children’s Charity. The castle part is 2 polystyrene cake dummies with sugar paste towers attached. The Castle was then placed on a cake measuring 3′ x 2′, the total height of the cake and Castle was over 3 ½’ tall.

Disney style castle for Caudwell Childrens Charity

If you have any suggestions for future Blog Post, please leave your ideas in the comments box at the very bottom of this page. Thank you.

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